The Product Suite CIP®







This program is designed for those working in the financial services industry wanting to have a firm understanding of markets, instruments and processes. This program strongly focuses on processes and is very pragmatic by letting the students 'follow the trade' from front to back with a strong focus on Operations and financial services. The program consists of two levels each containing four knowledge components that end with a separate multiple-choice exam. After succesfully passing a level, the participant is granted with a certified certificate from the Foundation Certified Investment Professional and will be registered as Candidate CIP Holder. With the permanent education program the knowledge gained is maintained.  

For whom:

For those working in the financial services industry in mid and backoffice and supporting functions. 

Estimated study time: 250-300 hours


Study Materials

€ 1600,00

8 Exams

€ 600,00

Re-examination costs per module

€ 75,00

Classroom training optional

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Annual PE Costs

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