The Product Suite CIP®







This program is designed for those working in the financial services industry wanting to have a firm understanding of markets, instruments and processes. This program strongly focuses on processes and is very pragmatic by letting the students 'follow the trade' from front to back with a strong focus on Operations and financial services. This program follows the Candidate CIP program and adds applied science to it. The participant writes a paper (thesis) on a practical case he os she is working on professionally. This paper should follow a predefined structure and needs to be presented and defended to an exam committee. After succesfully passing this level, the participant is granted with the CIP certificate and title from the Foundation Certified Investment Professional and will be registered as CIP Holder. With the permanent education program the knowledge gained is maintained.  

For whom:

For those working in the financial services industry as product specialist, team leader, manager or those with this ambition.  

Estimated Study time: 350 hours


Study Materials

€ 1600,00

8 Exams

€ 600,00


€ 750,00

Re-examination costs per module

€ 75,00

Classroom training optional

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Annual PE Costs

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