Please find below some of our Student's testimonials:

Yanko Bogoev

Name: Yanko Bogoev

Nationality: Bulgarian

Educational Background: Finance and Accounting

Years of experience: 5

Company: Kas Bank

Job title: Freelancer (Currently NAV and Accounting Specialist)

Why CIP and what added value did it give you? CIP have given me the chance to improve my knowledge and working scope across the most common back/middle office subjects. Naturally people are specialized within one or two topics only - their main working responsibilities. However from experience, I find that companies are lacking good communication channels and cohesion between the different back office responsibilities. CIP provides the opportunity to touch upon a broad scope of those activities and actually understand what is happening around them. Simply building upon all small pieces and putting them together to make the big picture clear and cohesive.

Nathan de Vries

Name: Nathan de Vries

Nationality: Dutch

Educational Background: PhD in astrophysics

Years of experience: 9 years in astrophysics, 1 year in asset management in an IT/Business Analysis role (a few months when I started CIP)

Company: Shell Samco

Job title: Application Development Engineer

Why CIP and what added value did it give you? A year ago I made a switch from academia to asset management. I already possessed the technical skills required for the job, but faced a lack of knowledge about finance. In my new IT/BA role I work closely with portfolio managers. Thanks to the CIP trainings I was able to familiarize with the jargon quickly, and understand the principles of portfolio management, the processes involved, and the different financial instruments used.

Hellen Huang

Name: Hellen Huang

Nationality: Dutch (Chinese parents from origin)

Educational Background: Bachelor of Economics (Financial Services Management)

Years of experience: 8 years

Company: NN Investment Partners

Job title: Senior Operations Officer

Why CIP and what added value did it give you? CIP provides me the opportunity to develop myself by studying during a full time job. The program focus on processes which I recognize in my daily job, this motivates me a lot to understand more as I can apply it directly.

Krzysztof Wojdylo

Name: Krzysztof Wojdylo

Nationality: Polish

Educational Computer Science/IT

Years of experience: 4 years in Finance

Company: State Street

Job title: Team leader – NAV supervisor

Why CIP and what added value did it give you? From basic concepts through complex financial aspects CIP is a good program that helps one to get into the world of finance. It also helps to get familiar with modern market trends and get up to date with the most important events/legislation requirements of the last decade (including some that have not been implemented yet). That gives someone working in the back & middle office a bigger picture & allows to understand daily tasks better.